Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology

Just when we thought The Clapper was revolutionary “smart home technology” back in 1985, we now can adjust the temperature in our home from our voice or mobile device, and turn on our favorite station in just 5 words with smart home technology!
“Hey Alexa, turn on 80’s rock!”

“Hey Alexa, turn the thermostat up to 72!”

One thing that we can always count on is the constant evolution and improvement of technology. These improvements made to technology are exciting for everyone, but homeowners should be particularly thrilled! As technology improves, our homes can become not only smarter and more convenient, but safer. Here are a few features of smart homes worth exploring that your trusted smart technology experts at 1 Touch AVS offer and install:


By now, almost everyone has heard of Amazon’s voice-controlled system, Alexa. Alexa will respond to your commands to play music, dim the lights, order dinner or even set your burglary system. Alexa is one of the most popular technological advancements in some time, and it’s easy to see why. With all the features Alexa provides, there is a use for everyone in the family!


When talking about recent advances in smart home technology, you can’t leave the Nest out of the discussion. Nest has many products including: thermostats, alarm systems, cameras and doorbells. Nest technology is very convenient, as the thermostat will adjust to the seasons, the alarm system can be activated from an app or Nest tag, and the camera will send alerts to your phone. This will make temperature control and video door monitoring much easier to keep up with and regulate.

Multi-room Audio

When you’re having a party at the house, or you want music to play throughout the entire house. That’s where “Party Mode” comes in! You are able to control which rooms music will play and how loud it will be. So if you want the music a little lower in the kitchen, you are able to do that through source linking. Simply control your system through your smartphone or tablet and enjoy the music!

At 1 Touch AVS, we have you covered when it comes to smart home technology. 1 Touch AVS not only offers the latest in technology, but our highly skilled technicians also install your systems. For more information on our services, or to set up a FREE in-home consultation, call 610-948-9300 or email

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