Lighting Control

The Smart Way To Illuminate Your Home

Set the ambiance and temperature of your home at the touch of a button with our dynamic lighting control systems. 1 Touch AVS provides end-to-end lighting control solutions that automate the entire lighting system of your home.

Advanced Technology Meets Convenience And Style

Choose from our minimalistic and understatedly chic lighting control keypads and fixtures that come in a broad range of designs, allowing you to choose one that best matches your home’s aesthetic and décor. With our advanced lighting control systems, you can control all lights in your home using your smartphone, automated voice control systems, or an elegant lighting control keypad mounted to your walls.

Smart Thermostats

Temperature Sensitive For Elevated Thermal Comfort

Monitor and control the temperature of your home remotely with our smart home thermostat systems. We will make your home temperature-sensitive by designing custom smart thermostat systems, taking in all pertinent details of your home into account to ensure that they record accurate temperatures.

Quality Meets Performance

At 1 Touch AVS, we integrate the best quality thermal sensing and feedback elements into our design to ensure that your smart home thermostats allow you to monitor and adjust your home’s temperature remotely. Now you can look forward to coming home to your house at a temperature that’s just right, or simply change it from the comfort of your couch without moving a muscle.

Motorized Blinds

Comfort. Privacy. Functionality.

Control the intensity of natural lighting in your home and make your living space comfortable and private. Our intelligent motorized blinds respond to your voice and touch, giving you total control both physically and remotely from your smart devices. You can even set them to open and close according to the astronomical clock, allowing you to automate your home.

Find Your Aesthetic

Choose from our light filtering and sunscreen motorized blind installations to minimize heat intensity and harmful ultraviolet light or go lights out with our blackout blinds for more privacy. We provide you with a broad range of options, allowing you to choose that one that fits your home’s aesthetic.

Power Management

Power In The Palm of Your Hands

1 Touch AVS gives you the power to monitor, control, and enhance the performance and durability of your electronic devices and appliances. We integrate bespoke remote monitoring technology in your home power management system installations and equip your home with quality equipment to protect your electronics from voltage surges and irregular power supply.

Cut Down On Costs, Effectively

Program your appliances and electronic devices to save energy, reduce power consumption or switch off when you do not need them, allowing you to reduce your utility bills and save a lot of money in the long run. Now you can make your home energy efficient, and stay aware of potential issues that may affect the functionality of your electronics and your safety.