Home Security System

Secure Your Home, The Smart Way

Elevate your home’s sense of security and be certain your family, loved ones, property, and valuables are safe. We design custom home security systems that monitor your home’s activity around the clock and automatically respond to emergencies by contacting the police, emergency services, or firefighters, keeping you a step ahead always.

Total Security, Without Compromise

When it comes to your safety and that of your loved ones, we do not compromise and neither should you. We not only equip your home with the best-in-class equipment and technology, but we also offer you manageable financial solutions for your home security system so you can get the protection you deserve.

Doorbell Cameras

Always Know Who’s There, Even Before They Knock

Get access to quality footage with a wide viewing angle directly from your doorstep relayed directly to your smart devices. 1 Touch AVS offers doorbell camera installation services in Phoenixville and gives you access to our cloud-based remote monitoring platform, allowing you to keep an eye on your door and shun potential intruders when they see it.

Wield The Power Of Artificial Intelligence

Our intelligent doorbell cameras integrate cutting-edge sensors that monitor your doorstep using the power of AI and keep you in the loop on all activity by giving you alerts and remote access to live and recorded surveillance footage. Now you can rest assured knowing your family, loved ones, and valuables will be safe.


Take A 360° Approach To Monitor Your Home

Keep an eye on your home 24/7 with our smart CCTV surveillance installations, powered by artificial intelligence. We design home CCTV surveillance systems with integrated night vision, cloud-based storage, motion detectors, heat sensors and more. They can also detect threats and vulnerabilities, allowing you to improve the overall security of your home.

Stay Connected, Around The Clock

Our outdoor surveillance cameras are weatherproofed to keep them operating at peak performance at all times, allowing you to monitor the perimeter of your home remotely at any time. We not only ensure that there are no blind spots, but we also incorporate quality equipment from reputable brands for better the functionality, durability, and longevity of your Phoenixville CCTV installations.

Smart Door Locks

Go Keyless And Bolster Up Your Home’s Security With Intelligent Door Locks

Ditch the conventional keys and secure your home with our smart door lock installations in Phoenixville. At 1 Touch AVS, we provide AI-powered home door lock solutions that allow you to control your home with your voice, touch, or smart device.

Intelligent Door Locking Solutions, Customized To Your Preferences

Get instant access to your house physically or simply lock and unlock your doors remotely at any time from wherever you are. Choose from our broad range of home smart door lock installation options from some of the leading brands in the US, affording you the luxury of quality, performance, security, and convenience at your fingertips.