Services We Offer

If you have ever wondered whether you forgot to switch off the lights, lock the door, set your security alarm, or change your thermostat, you must agree that it’s frustrating. You must have wished that there was a magic button you could press and get all that done.
Well, all that is possible, thanks to the 1 Touch AVS AVS. It is our technology that you can install on your Android/iOS device to help you control all the smart systems in your house.
At 1 Touch AVS, we pride ourselves in what we do. Our services include designing, installing, and supporting technology systems. We focus on energy management, audio/video distribution, security, and video surveillance systems. We have designed products and services that make it easy for you to provide your family and employees with entertainment, protection, and a full media solution, both at home and in your office.

Services-We Offer

Media Rooms

With distributed video, you can share one single video source, such as a satellite receiver between multiple TVs connected to a video switch.

Custom Remote

You get a custom remote to control your video, audio, HVAC, lighting, CCTV, and security. The remote is designed for your mobile devices.


Replace your lighting source with LED, which saves you up to 80% of your lighting expenses.

Multi-room audio

You can control your whole system through an app on your smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, you can use one of the touchscreens, touchpads, or hand-held remotes.

Motorized Blinds

We install motorized blinds that you can program to open and close by time of day, inside or outside temperature to help with energy conservation.

Burglary system

Our Interactive Panel comes with mobile apps to give you full access and control to your lights, locks, thermostat, and sockets remotely.

HVAC Control

Controlling your home’s lighting and cooling helps you cut down on energy costs.

Video Monitoring

We install CCTVs that offer video surveillance to ensure maximum security at the four corners of your home.

Home Automation

With a single touch, you can control your entire house, including music, HVAC, blinds, and many more systems.