Home Theater/ Surround Sound

Revel In The Power Of True Sound

Equip your home with high-quality surround sound system installations, engineered to produce high fidelity sound. At 1 Touch AVS, we integrate multiple audio channels into your home to give you the sensation of sound from all angles and incorporate devices from reputable brands into our designs

Powerful Sound Meets Innovation

Now watch your favorite shows and bop to your favorite beats or simply take your gaming experience to the next level with your surround sound system. Our team creates custom home theater solutions tailored to your requirements, considering all acoustic elements to deliver quality listening experiences.

Whole House Audio and Video

With Us Quality Home Entertainment Is Not Just An Experience, It’s A Lifestyle

Get ready to sit back, relax and immerse yourself in a new way of viewing and listening. We create custom whole-house audio and video system installations that allow you to access and control your entertainment system from anywhere throughout your home.

Breathe Life Into Your Home

Listen to your favorite beats, watch the same TV shows from different rooms, elevate your gaming experience or simply do your own thing without being disturbed. At 1 Touch AVS, we integrate quality products into our whole house audio and video designs, sourced from some of the leading brands in the U.S to take your home entertainment experience to the next level.

Pool Surrounds

Enhance Your Listening Experience

Set the ambiance for your next hot tub dip or get ready to turn up the music for an upcoming pool party. 1 Touch AVS professionally designs and installs pool audio systems that produce high-definition sound while delivering phenomenal listening experiences.

Entertainment Amplified

Our experienced professionals customize your pool audio systems to your listening needs and integrate speakers with waterproof technology into our designs so you can enjoy quality sound. At 1 Touch AVS, we incorporate only the best products into our designs to ensure that you enjoy quality listening experiences without compromise.

Moreover, we position your systems such that they deliver the best audio performance, surrounding you with immersive sound from all angles for dynamic full-range sound.

Outdoor Entertainment

Enjoy The Luxury of An Immersive Listening And Viewing Experience

Who says home entertainment systems have to be limited to the confines of your home’s walls? Take the fun outside with outdoor entertainment system installations, specially engineered to deliver unparalleled listening and viewing experiences.

Specially Designed For Unparalleled Outdoor Performance

Our outdoor entertainment systems are designed to withstand high humidity levels, rain, snow, insects, dust, extreme temperatures, and other outdoor elements without faltering. From outdoor TVs with the right brightness and color contrast to withstand the glare of the sun and dim night lights to outdoor surround sound systems with crisp audio definition and more, we design our systems incorporating quality products for the best performance.